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Handmade paper is the innovation  of city-based chemical scientist K . B . Joshi  who introduced to Gandhi to the idea of making paper out of waste material excited at the prospect of making Eco-friendly paper and employment generation,Gandhi has advised joshi to set up a commercial unit to produce handmade paper thus the dream unit was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru on August 1,1940.

The Nehru family had a spot for the unit from the very beginning . Not only did Nehru inaugurate it, his will and testament were who printed on the papers here.

The Institute rich heritage is not only reason that makes it proud. Even after its problems began to crop up, it was awarded with the trade and technology award for top 10 products in 2005. Also its products have been appreciated worldwide with Germany,Sweden, the up the UK ,Japan and Thailand begins  its regular customers.

 “Polythene bags can be substituted by paper bags that we produce.”



Board’s Departmental Center, the Hand Made Paper Institute , Pune has taken up the development of hand made paper in the state with modern equipment to encourage the development of handmade paper industry and to preserve this traditional village industry in the State.The institute carriers out the work of development of hand made paper through four divisions i.e. Production Division ,Research Division ,Training Division and Extension Division. The Production Division looks after the production of high quality hand made paper ,Research division undertakes research to produce hand made paper etc.

  1. 1. The Handmade Paper Institute was established in the year 1940
  2. 2. National Level Institute is functioning since 1952
  3. 3. Research and development Division for quality improvement & control
  4. 4. Recycling waste for Eco-friendly  paper.