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Handmade Paper Institute in association with the MahaKhadi offers women’s of Low Income Group and Below Poverty Line a curriculum that is industry aligned and provides participants with the technical knowledge and understanding to resolve aspects in the fashion design and communication. The approach of the course that our Institute offers is creative, artistic, intuitive as well as technical in design. Tailoring and Fashion Designing Course, Focus on building groundwork in terms of conceptualization, research, design sense and individual artistic expression. In this Fashion Designing Program women’s are exposed to basic knowledge of apparel design with appropriate input to acquire technical skills and knowledge to be applied in academic exercises. End of terms we contribute to integrated term project.

After 2 weeks, we introduce them to a wide range of fashion which helps them to develop a good foundation of fashion and tailoring knowledge and skills in both design and technical areas. History of fashion looks at bygone shapes and structures as well as outlining the growth of the fashion industry, introducing the social and economic context of fashion and an introduction to the role of the fashion designer.

Duration : 60 days